Friday, May 17, 2013

The Third Wish by Deby Adair Book Review

The Third Wish by Deby Adair is the final book in the Wish series. It follows Rielle and (now) Willful James and their unicorn friends as they finally come face-to-face with the Sorcerer of Great Contempt in a fight for the future of their lands.

I as always enjoyed the underlying warmth of the characters, the forest and the land of Wish. However, this book has the hard edge of deparation interwoven in it. Rielle and Will must face their fears and be pushed to their limits to succeed. It had a darker quality to it. There is much introspection and self-doubt among the main characters including the Imperial Guard Snails and the Sorcerer of Great Contempt. This leaves the book feeling less adventurous than the other books, which I missed. I did enjoy the fast-paced sections, but they were slowed by cutting to less exciting goings on.

I was also surprised by Will taking up more time in the book when the series began with Rielle. It took a turn in a different, unexpected direction. This is evidenced by Rielle's encounter with her "watcher" and the revelation of her dream. I did not see any of this coming. It confused me.

The Third Wish still has its light humor, great description and endearing characters. However, the ending, although satisfying, did leave off in a completely different turn of events than I would've expected.

I recommend this series.

Rating: 3.5/5