Thursday, June 21, 2012

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother: Book Review

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua was an easy, conversational read. It is the memoir of a Chinese American woman born of immigrant parents and how she raised her children the "Chinese" way even in American society and what she learned. It seems like an honest memoir. I don't know why people were sending this woman hate mail. It was her story, her life. They would not want anyone telling them how to raise their children. So who are they to say that she raised her children wrong? I believe she did an excellent job. Her girls are achievers who know their self worth and know that they are capable of anything and everything. I'm impressed with the author's tenacity and love for her girls. Just reading through this I'm wondering how much sleep she was able to get. How she ever really had any time for anything else. But I believe she put the emphasis on the right things for her daughters. I would be doing well to have a third of the passion she has for her children. I was all on board with her Chinese way of raising children, but I think she went overboard when it came to spending all the money she did to get her girls in with the most sought after music teachers. When it comes to money, I am realistic and frugal. I will and have spent more on my children's education than most people I know, but I'm not crazy. I know what kind of spending is ridiculous. She paid thousands of dollars, paying for one of the music teacher's and the teacher's boyfriend's travel expenses driving about 14 hours round trip, gas and hotel rooms, food, etc. to help her daughter prepare for an audition to study with a renown teacher. I'm all for getting my children the best I can, but within reason. That was my only problem with her method. I just would adapt it to my own temperament and that of my child's. I think that was the ultimate lesson that the author learned. That each child and parent is different. And that a little give doesn't make you too lenient of a parent. In my opinion the parents who are too lenient and settle thinking that everything is the teacher's fault that their children aren't achieving is the problem. She gave all she could to make her children the best they could be and at the same time showing them that they have what it takes to achieve at anything. Great read. It gives me proof that my children can be the best, and a little pushing won't scar them for life.
Rating: 5/5

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