Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dragon's Pupils: The Peaks

The Peaks

Martin Chu Shui

Dragon's Pupils

Summary: (Amazon)
Powerful and invincible they ride across vast desert landscapes, hunting and slaying vampires under the cover of night. Jian Ke, the sword guests are more famous than ever! Admired by millions of TV fans around the nation as they pursue a life of action and adventure: a splendid tapestry depicting Liz, Henry and Sue at the top of their game. With her paintbrush in hand Liz is prepared to take on a hoard of vampires, an army of aliens and even her first kiss from the man of her dreams, Sue’s handsome older brother. 
Life couldn’t be better until everything falls to pieces. 
Liz must now face her biggest fears as the world she once knew slips through her fingers. No-one will be left untouched by the chaos which ensues. Armed only with her knowledge of Tai Chi, Liz must fight for what she has lost and begin the climb of her life. An unforgettable journey will take her to the Peaks.
“Dragon’s Pupils – The Peaks,” the second instalment of the Dragon’s Pupils series, follows the drama of Liz’s life as she fights monsters, wields magic and longs for forbidden love. It is a journey which will take you through Australia’s most beautiful landscapes and ultimately witnesses the transformation Liz undergoes, as she rises to meet her latest challenge.

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Liz, Henry, and Sue are back for more Jian Ke adventures in the second Dragon's Pupils book, The Peaks.
Rose is new in town and is very popular. Henry is attracted to her, and she strings him along. Sue gets jealous and decides to get drunk. In her drunkenness, she tells Blake and his friends about her secret.
Henry and Sue loose all memory of their powers, and all three Jian Ke (including Liz) loose their power. Rose then disappears, only to reappear months later as a commander for the SSF, a government agency that protects citizens from evil.
The SSF starts to kill like crazy,and any animal caught talking English is immediately considered evil. It's up to Liz to help her friends regain their powers and save the animals, especially since the gun used to kill them turns them into vampires. But can she do it?
This was a good book and I definitely can't wait to read the next book in the series! As most of my wonderful followers would know, I love the classic vampire-werewolf paranormal thing, but this book provides an almost "classic" feel to the fantasy genre and it really is a refreshing read. Another great thing I really enjoy when reading these books is the culture that you learn from them; I love learning new things about Chinese culture that I would most likely have lived my whole life not knowing if I hadn't read this book.
Like I said, I'm looking forward to reading the next one, and hopefully many more from Martin Chu Shui.

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