Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Solar Storms: Part 3

There are many ways to prepare for a solar storm. This article has basic ways to provide for yourself and your family during an emergency, such as a solar storm. At the bottom of the article it mentions that you should have a weapon or weapons available in case you need to defend your food, possessions, or anything else that you have that others might want. (National Geographic Preppers, 2012)
            The solar storm sends a massive amount of radiation to Earth. If you are outside in it, it is like getting 100 chest x-rays (National Geographic Preppers, 2012). To prevent yourself from these harmful rays of radiation, it says to build a safe house (National Geographic Preppers, 2012).
            This article also states the obvious, like making sure you have enough food and water to last you several months without power. It says to also have a miniature portable cooking stove that takes liquid fuel to cook your food. You also should have a large supply of regular, everyday items, or “household necessities”, that most people usually take for granted and when they run out, they are in trouble. (National Geographic Preppers, 2012)
            The article says that if you plan on going on vacation out of the country, you should wait until after 2013, because the solar storms could happen while you are there and you could get stuck, because it would take over a year to fix everything to where they could take you back to your country (National Geographic Preppers, 2012). Banks and other places that store money close for solar storms and if their electronics go out, you might not get any money for up to a year (National Geographic Preppers, 2012). The article also stated that there is a way to protect your electronics from blowing up (National Geographic Preppers, 2012).
            There were 8 total ways to prepare for a solar storm in this article.

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