Sunday, August 26, 2012

Book Review: The World of Fairy

The World of Fairy A Sketch Book & Artists Guide to Fairy by Ty Hulse
The artwork in this sketchbook is so imaginative and beautiful. Some of the images of fairy are familiar while others boggle the imagination. There are tree fairy and rock fairy and water fairy. There are fairy with multiple eyes and faces on really peculiar parts of their anatomy. According to the 10 things you didn’t know about fairy in the first pages of the book, they have been around since before humans and were not always the sugary-sweet, helpful pretty little things we see today. When I read Peter Pan, I thought Tinkerbell was so mean and mischievous. I didn’t realize fairy weren’t were there to help humans. Some did have good relationships with humans and helped develop agriculture and some helped with cities. Other fairy would curse you to look at you.  I would’ve liked more structure to the tales and information included. I think having the text correspond more to the sections of artwork would’ve made it even better.  I enjoyed reading about the history of fairy from many different cultures. I’m not an artist or know much about artwork, but I think this is a good art coffee table book. Rating: 4/5

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