Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corolla, North Carolina, USA

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Corolla is a part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It seems to be its own little island, and there's only road in and one road out.
IT SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!! Okay, little kid moment dealt with, I'll try to explain what I mean. Everywhere I would go in Corolla, not Duck or Kitty Hawk, just Corolla, there would be this smell. It was sorta a sweet smell, kinda an oceany smell? I don't really know how to explain it, but its definitely the best smell I've ever smelt (even better than Hollister!). I've often wondered what Heaven would smell like (yes, I understand I'm not normal, haha) and I'm fairly certain I think I've just found out.
While on our boards in the ocean, it seemed to be carried in by the wind, coming off the water from the north. But it was not only smelt in the water, but also from ashore, right outside a little shop, about half a mile from the beach. I'm not really sure what the smell was, but I'd love to find out.
Okay, enough about my little smell-obsession. Let's get back to Corolla in general. 
Corolla seemed to kind of keep to itself, making it seem like its own little isolated island, even though its on a peninsula. Corolla has its own Food Lion, produce stands, fire station, tourist shops, surf shop, ice cream parlors, beaches, and everything else a good town needs to survive on their own. The only thing they're missing is a teen night club. They even have a movie theater for rainy weather. 
It's definitely a nice place that I plan on visiting again!
I might even want to live there when I get older, but maybe that's just the residue of whatever the smell was talking, lol. 
But seriously, if you're looking for a quiet little beach spot destination for your vacation, you should consider Corolla, part of OBX, NC.

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