Friday, June 28, 2013

Kilingiri Book Review


By Janna Gray

At first I had a hard time getting into Kilingiri. There was a lot of description and very little dialog in the first chapter. Nina Maitland is very pregnant in Srinagar India. The author describes it beautifully and I could almost feel and smell the scene. However, it opens with a very long explanation of why Nina is unmarried, pregnant and alone on a houseboat. It just seemed a lot of back story so soon in the book. But the plot comes back to the present afterward and flows pretty well from then on.

Kilingiri spans over thirty years in the life of Nina and her family, her loves and losses. There are several destinations throughout from Kilingiri, Thailand, Ireland, and England to France. The author introduces each setting with vivid description that sets the mood for that section. After which the reader is not bogged down by heavy description. It instead concentrates on character development and dialog.

Nina and Father Michael McKinley are characters that surprise the reader with their reactions to the situations presented to them. I was in disbelief on the things they faced and how they seemed to face them with positive attitudes for the most part. I would've cut my losses several times during the trials Nina experienced. She is an exceptionally strong character with a good heart. She doesn't always make sound decisions but she sticks by her decisions, showing a person of personal strength.

I didn't like all the things that happened in Kilingiri. I thought some plot devices were a bit too simplistic or then alternately too dramatized, but once I got further into the book I was able to take it for it was. The subject matter made this just an ok read for me, but with great description, lively dialog, a choice of time period that really works, and a plot that kept me wondering "ok, what could possibly happen now?" I have to give it 4 of 5 stars.

The plot has drama, steadfast love, exotic locales- well to me who has only been to the Caribbean- some intrigue and an ending that brings everything together nicely.

I recommend this read for those who believe in forever love and those who like to travel, if only by book.

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