Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rachel Who? - Guest Post by Tasha Haight

This poem is a parody of Sandra Cisneros' "Abuelito Who" to fit the personality of Barbara Kingsolver's Rachel Price from the Posionwood Bible

Rachel Who
by Tasha Haight

Rachel who whines like a sad dog
and wishes to leave
who is clothes and nail polish
who is a plane and a ticket out of Africa
whose hair is made of silk
is too concerned with herself everyday
who tells me in Afrikaans Want so lief het God die...
who tells me in French Car Dieu a tant aime le monde...
whose eyes are skies
can't escape Africa
sleeps in her Equatorial hotel
who used to despise all of Africa
is selfish
is a Barbie tied to this land
is stuck man oh man
doesn't live in America anymore
is rich in the French Congo
who has lived here for long oh
is martinis and cigarettes and friends
who marries men time and time and time again
is the Fourth of July of her family
wishing to leave
to leave where to?

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