Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Contest

Fall Contest!
It's fall! Time for a contest!

1st place: 1st place ribbon
2nd place: 2nd place badge
3rd place: 3rd place certificate
You must be 13 or older to enter
Open to USA residents only

How To Enter:
Create a fall outfit for your favorite character from a book. It can be hand-drawn, computerized, or real clothes put together.
Send to
You can create as many as you want, each outfit is a new entry. Send each outfit in a new email or it will only count as 1 entry.

November 26th at midnight EST.
Winner will be anounced the 27th and emailed later that day. They will have 24 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen.

How Winner Will Be Chosen:
Winner will be based on the ablitly to create an outfit that has to do with fall in some way based on a character from a book.

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