Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inkpop Unpublished Originals :-)

Just for the record, there's this site called, where aspiring authors can upload their writings chapter by chapter. And if your story make it to the Top 5 Picks, it might get published!!! Anyway, here is the latest Top Pick on

Title: The Tree Have Eyes
Author: Cara Ruegg
Tags: Romance, Mystery, Horror, Historical Fiction
Published Date: [it's unpublished, take note of copyrights!]

Nature was her only witness; it had eyes but no mouth.
Young and beautiful women are said to be deadly but what about the man that lusts after them or the woman that envies them? All steps start small as all sins start small....then they turn massive! Can this wretched monster cover up his steps before he is found or will an unlikely girl beat him at his own game?
Introducing Lillian Swan, a young eighteen-year-old girl who has way more problems than this narrator would have you believe. She is a struggling novelist who after rejection following rejection finds herself in peaceful Mablestem. The only problem is, the mask is the only peaceful aspect. Behind the mask lies a dangerous killer who now has set his eyes on pretty Lillian. The question now isn't whether this new book of hers will be a bestseller but if she will live. . .

Reviewer's Thought, have a piece of my mind :-)
First of all, I've got to warn you about this: the story has 82 chapters and some of it might be slightly too long. But of course, I also have to tell you this, once you read the first chapter - boom! - you're under the author's spell, you'll never stop reading until you finish it. It's the most amazing thing I've read, long, but worth the time. I recommend this to any readers who loves a good mystery with a twist of romance.

My Ratings: 4/5 (I'm giving this masterpiece lots of love)

Happy Reading :-)