Friday, October 29, 2010

Gleek Out!

About The Show (by Fox):
GLEE follows a group of eager and ambitious students as they strive to outshine their singing competition while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High. Although New Directions lost at Regionals, they now have their sights set on making it to Nationals and defeating their arch rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

The glee club's fearless leader is Will Schuester , a talented young teacher with hip-hop skills and a heart gold. New Directions' aspiring stars include Rachel, a pitch-perfect singer with an unfaltering determination to be popular; Finn, the heartbreakingly cool quarterback who struggles with his personal life; Kurt, the baby-faced soprano with a fierce eye for fashion; Mercedes, a powerhouse vocalist whose diva attitude rivals the greats; Artie a physically disabled performer with killer vocals and a dream to dance; and Tina, a goth chick with a soft side. There's also arrogant and cocky crooner Puck; ice-cold queen-bee-turned-teen-mom Quinn; and the dynamic dimwitted cheerleading duo of Britanny and Santana. With his heart in the right place, Will is determined to help the kids take Nationals, but at every turn he must battle with his nemesis, Sue Sylvester, the conniving cheerleading coach; and his evil ex-wife, Terri. Mr. Schuester's only allies at McKinley are OCD-afflicted guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury and supportive parents like Kurt's dad, Burt Hummel.

My Reviews:
Its currently TV's hottest musical cast, covering multiple hit songs, owning them big time, showing charting power on the charts, and also bringing in GREAT ratings for a debut show. Being highly compared to High School Musical, this cast definitely stepped it up a notch with the whole musical thing. Great vocals by everyone, they sing, they act, they dance. WOW. It's an awesome show that covers REAL teenage issues in school and in life.

Brace Yourself For Season 2!

Catch Glee every Tuesday, 8pm on Fox.

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