Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Austin Jones Interview!!

Austin Jones is a star-in-progress, being both a singer and a dancer! I had the pleasure of interviewing him, and hopefully you like him and will buy his music.

Princess Reviews, Austin Jones

1. How old are you?

2. Can you describe your type of music?
Pop, or electro-pop
3. Who inspires you?
Jordan Witzigreuter (Lead singer of The Ready Set), and Christofer Ingle (Lead singer of Never Shout Never)

4. When did you start to sing?
Started out in choir in 6th grade.

5. How did people start to know you and your music?
I began to promote my music on facebook, and youtube in November of 2010.
6. What audience do you try to appeal to?
I don't 'try' to appeal my music to a specific audience. I feel that anyone can connect and relate to my music.

7. What's your favorite television show?
Don't have one. :/

8. Are you planning any upcoming tours?
Haven't planned any tours yet, but I plan to begin doing shows soon.

9. What do you like to do besides music?
I also dance. I'm on Aspire Dance Company (ranked 1st in the midwest and 5th in the nation).

10. Do you plan on going on American Idol?
Nope. :)

Check out his facebook page, his youtube page, his MySpace, and buy his debut album, by clicking on the links! (The underlined words!)


  1. lolz American idol is for absolute hacks anyway but is great entertainment to see people try and fall or rise to the top......... then fall