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The Blood of Cain

The Blood of Cain

T.L. Gray

Publisher and Date Published
Fireside Publications October 20, 2009

about the author: (back of the book)
T. L. Gray lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains just west of Atlanta with her family, friends, four dogs and one cat. In childhood when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she replied, "A Queen". Subce that title isn't available within a democracy, she chose the next best author.

Summary (back of the book):
Tegan Dacre loves fast cars, loud music, and beautiful women, however he carries a secret that keeps him isolated rom the general population; he has strange silver eyes, heals really fast, and hasn't aged in over a hundred years.
The darkest secret of all - he has a blood thirst that must be statistfied by each new moon.
Believeing himself unique, Teagan's world gets turned upside down when he meets an unruly family of immortals seeking their father and maker, none other than the world's first murderer, Cain.
Everything Teagan thought he knew about himself is transformed when he learns how vampires came to be and for what purpose he was made.
For everything, there's a price to be paid, Teagan wonders if he'll be strong enough to pay it.

My rating:
somewhere between a 4.6/5 and a 5/5! *****

My Thoughts:
A long time ago, back when the Earth was first created, the son of Adam and Eve, Cain, killed his brother, Abel, out of jealousy. God then cursed him by not allowing anything to grow when he tried to farm. Lilith, the one person who did not turn on him after he murdered his brother, gave him a fruit from the Garden of Eden and on her deathbed, as her last dying wish told him to eat the fruit. He did, and found himself with new ablities, silver eyes, the inablity to die, and a thirst for blood. Cain became an immortal. A vampire.
He walked the Earth for thousands of years, and finally found a friend he could keep, Abital. When Abital is about to die, Cain accidently turns him into an immortal as well. Through the years, they travel the world, see many great things, and creat a family of immortal vampires.
This is Cain's story.
It is also Teagan's story.
Teagan was turned into an immortal and thought Cain to be dead. Tatiana, Cain's 2nd immortal created, the first Daughter of Cain, found Teagan and took him to the rest of their family. In a search for Cain, they go to Seattle, Washington, where they find Cain and and ugly truth. One of Cain's sons or daughters wants to destroy him and take over the world. When one of Cain's sons gets the wrong idea and tries to hurt Teagan, Cain looses his focus in killing the betrayer and it escapes. All but one live, the betrayer still on the loose.
I can not wait to read the next book in the series, The Arcainians.

Wow. I thought this book was just phenominal! I love paranormal-type books and this one was not an exception! It was well-written, had a stellar plot, and was just an overall outstanding story!

It had some religous aspects, like Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, Jesus' birth and crusifiction and resurection, but it wasn't trying to convert you to a certain religon, it was just part of the story, so even if you don't like reading about religous things, you can still totally read this book. I'm part of the International Order of Job's Daughters, and as I was sitting here typing up my summary of the book, I realized that Cain's story reminds me of Job's story, from the Bible and I thought that was kind of cool, even though it could've totally been a coincidence.

I'm super-excited for the next book in the seires and I strongly suggest that you check out The Blood of Cain!

Check out the Blood of Cain's website too! And T.L. Gray's site would be a cool thing to check out as well!


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