Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fly Girl: Book Review

, I read a lot, hands down. So today I finished 'Wing Girl', a novel written by Sherri L. Smith. I relly enjoyed this book, its a great novel which expresses the universal idea of GIRL POWER! The novel takes place during WWII, when the WASPs, the Women Airforce Service Pilots where just getting started. Ida Mae Jones, a fair skinned Negroe housecleaner, loves to fly and WASP was a great oppratunity for Ida; until she figured it was an association for Whites only. Using her fair skin, Ida fakes as a white woman to get her opprtunity to fly. Along with her two new friends, Patsy 'Cakewalker' Kake & Lily Lowenstein, Ida, using her new identity learns how to fly better than she already can, as well as finding herself. This book is really good, with many tragadies and triumphs.
Book Summary (Back of the Book)*:
All Ida Mae Jones wanted to do is fly.
Her daddy was a pilot, and even years aftre his death, her connection to him still feels strongest when she's in the air. But in the 1940s Louisiana, being black and being a woman are two sstrikes against her, no matter how light-skinned she may be.
When the United States enters the World War, the army forms a group called the WASP-Women Airforce Service Pilots-and Ida finally sees her chance to take action: do what she loves and help her brother who is stationed overseas. As if being a woman in a man's army is not hard enough, Ida must use her light skin to pass as a white girl to be accepted as a WASP.
But Ida soon realizes that a new name and new outfit can't hide who you really are inside. She can't escape the burden that comes from denying one's family and self. As she chases her dreams, Ida finds out it's not what you do but who you are that really makes the difference after all.

Book Title:  Wing Girl
Author: Sherri L. Smith
Publisher/Year: Scholastic/2008
This book is currently a Maryland Black Eyed Susan nominee.

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