Saturday, November 3, 2012


I first got hooked on “Revenge” while on the flight to Australia earlier this summer. I had heard of the show and had even started to read the script for the first episode, so with over 20 hours of plane ride to go I figured I’d watch something I was vaguely familiar with. Instantly I was hooked. I remember on the flight back, I still had 6 episodes of the first season left and the plane only had the ones I had already watched; it didn’t have as many shows as the flight over did. I was devastated. Revenge is captivating.
Amanda Clark has lived a rough life. At a young age her mother was sent to a mental institution. When Amanda was 5 and her mother was released, she tried, and succeeded, to drown her. Fortunately, her father revived her. But soon a messy affair with the rich and powerful neighbor had gone a bit too far, and David Clark was arrested as a terrorist, leaving poor little Amanda to fend for herself in between foster homes and juvenile centers. She made friends with another girl in jail and they decided to trade lives. Amanda Clark then became Emily Thorne, and Emily became Amanda. Emily (the real Amanda) went to Japan for some training and is now back in the Hamptons to gain revenge on the incrimination and murder of her father.
Revenge is delightfully entertaining and thrilling. It truly keeps you interested and waiting to find out what will happen next. Season 2, currently airing on Sundays on ABC, is just as enthralling. 

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