Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review: All-Inclusive Inverrary Vacation Resort

My husband and I headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a wedding. We actually didn't know if we were going until the last minute and so didn't book a hotel. The All-Inclusive Inverrary Vacation Resort came up on our Kayak search. It was listed as an all-inclusive resort and had a reasonable rate.

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 9pm and found out that the wedding reception was actually at the Inverrary Country Club across the street from the hotel, so we headed to the "resort" to see if we could get a room. Apparently, there was a boat show in town that weekend and almost every hotel in the area was booked. However, the woman at the front desk told us that someone had not shown up or called about a reserved room. She told us to call in an hour to see if it was available.

We went to get something to eat and called around to several other hotels looking for rooms. But none were available or offered at a price we wanted to pay. When we called Inverrary back, the front desk told us to come in to claim the room. We checked in after 11pm.

The room was adequate. It had nice furnishings and a "fancy" bowl-on-the-counter-style bathroom sink. However, it just seemed that there was an underlining feel of being run-down. My husband, who is from Florida, said it was just old and that everything in that area would be old.

It seemed the hotel was basically clean with a somewhat stylish atmosphere, but I found everything about the hotel just "adequate." I called in the morning about the breakfast buffet and found that it had a charge and was not included in the room fee. I talked to another person about it as well later that day and was told there was a fee for lunch. I thought it was an all-inclusive resort. It was not until we checked out that I asked if the hotel used to be all-inclusive. The front desk receptionist informed me that it still was all-inclusive. Food was an additional $27.50. I was never offered to add the all-inclusive option the entire two days and several conversations I had with the staff.

So would I stay here again? No. I felt that the service, the room and the amenities were just average, especially for the $99 a night price. Also, I felt the building needed some renovations. There was extensive rust around the air conditioner and the hallway carpets were in need of deep cleaning. The area was nice-looking, but it was very open to the public and major road so it didn't seem very secure. Security consisted of surveillance cameras.

I would recommend this "resort" in a pinch.



    Inverrary Vacation Resort Health Code Violations

    rodents on premises, a question of rabies

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