Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Inverrary Country Club Wedding

My husband's cousin was married at the Inverrary County Club in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in October.  In the hallway was a table with place cards for the guests with their name and designated reception table number. The Country Club had a room provided for the wedding ceremony. It was simple, yet elegantly decorated. The room was large with folding chairs draped in white covers from the top to the floor and tied with a bow of lavender gauze. The runner was white with flower petals. There was an arch of silk flowers and podium for the pastor to speak from. It was a lovely ceremony and when the bride sang to her new husband, it brought tears to my eyes.

After the ceremony, the guests were ushered to an adjoining room where they could wait while the bridal party took pictures. There was a bartender offering drinks and also a small buffet of bread and sautéed smoked sausage and peppers and onions. In addition, servers walked around offering shrimp and teriyaki chicken on skewers. The food was lightly seasoned and appetizing. The room was small, but there were bar-high tables in the hallway where guest could stand and eat and socialize.

The reception room was huge with a large area for dancing. Tables were dressed in white with huge clear glass vases that had floating lights and flowers. The glass chandeliers were bright and clean. The round tables included chairs covered in the same white cloth and lavender ties. Every table was set for at least ten people, and glasses of champagne were already poured. There were water glasses and small plates for bread.

After the introduction of the bride and groom and the wedding party, the best man made his toast and then servers provided small plates of salad. The lettuce could have been a little fresher, but the vinaigrette and ranch dressing were tasty.
Dinner was provided through a buffet. Each table was called in order. The food was good as well. I am not sure if the Country Club provided the food as it consisted of some traditional dishes. However, the servers were very nice and professional. They provided cake later as the reception began to wind down. Dishes were whisked away immediately and the tables were kept clean and organized.
The grounds were well maintained and the bathrooms were clean. Since we were in Florida, the air-conditioning was on. It was a little cool for me, but seemed comfortable to other guests, especially with the amount of dancing going on.
Aside from a few small holes I noticed in some of the cloth covering the chairs, everything looked clean even though it was a little old.

It was an enjoyable evening and Inverrary Country Club staff provided a great experience. As only a guest, I was impressed and would use and recommend this facility.

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