Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have been watching all this gun control talk on the TV, it's dumb. All we need is pictured IDs that will identify a person. If a person has been convicted of a violent crime, they can't possess a firearm. If a person has a mental condition, they can't possess a firearm, unless they have a permit. People that have mentally handy cap persons in their house should be required to have a gun safe or secure zone for their firearms. (keyed closet, keyed trigger lock, etc.) Lower the age of juveniles to the age of twelve, and put their record as public.
We have to have a pictured ID on our driving license, they give you a SS number when you are born. Everyone in our state carries a pictured ID or we go to jail until you prove who you are. And driving without a license gets you jail time. Here if you got a red line on your ID, you can't buy booze, because you've been in too much trouble because of it. This would solve a lot of problems, the ID would tell the seller that you can't perches a firearm or ammo. It would also tell if you can vote at any elections. 

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