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Wish Again: Dreams Truth, Book Review and Goodreads Giveaway

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Wish Again: Dreams Truth, Book Two of the WISH Trilogy by Deby Adair is the sequel to Wish. There are many returning characters and several new ones. In this sequel Rielle and Pud are searching for Rielle's dream with the help of a butterfly called Far. But a mysteriously strong wind whisks Far away. Feeling responsible, Rielle makes the decision to return to Wish to tell Hope that she lost his butterfly. Along the way Rielle meets Old, a unique creature person, who knows of Wish and Hope and immediately befriends and accompanies her on her journey back to Wish.

Meanwhile, Willful James (Will) awakens as a human and no longer a bush after thousands of years in Wish. After such a long time he is ready to return to the real world, but the sorcerer that caused trouble in the first Wish book will not let him go so easily.

I enjoyed this sequel. Rielle and Pud are still adorable, but they are not the main focus of this story. The reader instead gets to know Will and his story; his sorrows and his journey back from despair. We also get to know Old, whom I loved. He is a great character that fits quite well with Rielle, Pud and Wish. These two characters are well developed and engaging. I found myself rooting for them at every turn.

Wish Again also has a lot more action in it than Wish. However, there is still a lot of talking just like in the first book. There is a lot to explain and it's not always exciting. The conversations do slow the book down and prevented me from getting into it right away. But the talk is broken up wisely with action and a little bit of suspense.  It really had me turning pages once Rielle, Pud and Old get to Wish.

The description is beautiful as always and easily visualized. It is always soothing to read even in the action parts that flow well without being confusing.

I recommend this book and cannot wait to read The Third Wish, which will undoubtedly be filled with a lot of heart, beauty and great action appropriate for all audiences.

Rating 4/5

I was provided with a copy for an honest review.

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