Friday, January 18, 2013

The Summer of Brian Book Review

The Summer of Brian by Kenechi Udogu is a good YA read. After the first chapter my first impression was "cute." Of course, I'm old and anything to do with teenagers and their first loves and crushes will be cute to me. I could easily see a couple of teenagers finding Charlene's predicament with Brian important enough to consume their summer.

It is a quick, light read with normal characters in situations that seemed only slightly over done especially with Nathan's past and how it comes out. Of course, the best friend Orla is more entertaining than Charlene. But that's what secondary characters are for, relief from the more "serious" matter facing the heroine.  Brian's character is kind of flat, which is surprising because he's in the title. Nathan is "cute." My favorite part is the scene where Nathan takes Charlene, Orla and Brian to the fair to see his friend play guitar. Too cute!

OK, enough of the cutes. You'll enjoy it.

Rating 4/5

I was provided with a copy for an honest review.

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