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Ten Traits to Be A Spy - Guest Post by Lisa Orchard

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Hello Everyone! I hope all is well with you! I’m Lisa Orchard and I’m a guest here at Princess Reviews today. I’m the Young Adult Author of the Super Spies series and I’ve got my main character, Sarah Cole, here to explain the ten things you need to know in order to be a spy. Take it away Sarah!

Hello! My name is Sarah Cole and I’ve written down the ten traits a spy/detective needs in order to be successful. Let me know if you agree, I’d love to hear from you.

1)    The first thing you need to know is detectives/spies need to keep a low profile. They must blend in…they can’t stand out or draw attention to themselves. That means we don’t wear flashy clothes or gaudy jewelry. I have to explain this to my best friend Jackie all the time (eye roll) and she still doesn’t get it. She firmly believes a detective can be fashionable. J As if!

2)    The next thing you need to know is detectives must be able to use the powers of deduction in their work. They must look at the clues and draw conclusions about the villain in order to find out who he is. J I’ve got awesome powers of deduction…Jackie not so much! J

3)    The third item on our list is a spy must possess the desire to get justice at all costs.  Most of the time the victim’s in a situation where they can’t fight for themselves so I must take up the battle for them. The whole Super Spies gang feels this way… J

4)    Another thing a detective must be is brave. We have to put ourselves in dangerous situations in order to find the truth. We feel fear, but our sense of justice prevails and we do what we need to do in spite of  it. Lacey, my sister, usually has to be convinced…she’s kind of a wimp! J

5)    A detective/spy must also have an inquisitive nature. They must want to know why something happened. This is important  because a detective needs to understand the motives of the villain in order to catch him.  I have the most inquisitive nature…it drives Jackie and my sister crazy sometimes but hey what can I say? It’s just the way I am! J

6)    A detective must also be resourceful. For example, when we were going after the Cat Lady Killer we had to use Jackie’s perfume as a weapon in order to get away. Of course, she never lets me hear the end of it! How her fashion sense saved us. J  This is the reason she’s convinced detectives can be fashionable.

7)    The next item on our list is sneakiness. J That’s right; a detective needs to be sneaky in order to spy without getting caught. This is very important otherwise how would a sleuth be able to overhear private conversations? Sneakiness is one of the most important traits of a spy. J And I must confess I’m pretty sneaky…Jackie and Lacey are learning. J

8)    A detective must also be able to think on their feet. For example, when we were almost caught by the bombers in “The Super Spies and the High School Bomber” Jackie and I were able to think quickly and find a hiding place. J We remained undetected and were able to escape.

9)    Detectives must also be able to work as a team. When we had to set a trap for the Cat Lady Killer it took all of us working together to set it. Unfortunately, it backfired. That’s where being able to think on my feet came in handy. J

10)                       The last and most important trait a detective must possess is empathy for the victim.  If we can’t empathize with our victims we wouldn’t have the motivation to solve the crime. Luckily, all of the Super Spies have this trait. J Jackie thinks being able to empathize is totally Cool Beans! I told her she needs to step out of the nineties…but she won’t listen to me! (deep sigh with an eye roll)

So there you have it, the top ten traits all detectives must possess in order to catch the criminals. How do you think I did? What traits do you think spies should have?  Let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you!

And check out my books! It’s a great series to get your teen interested in reading again! J

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