Friday, March 8, 2013

Charmeine, The Light-Bearer Series Book One Review

Charmaine, Book One of the Light-Bearer series by Emily Guido stars Tabbruis as a lonely Blood-Hunter who has sworn off human blood, and Charleen  (aka Charmaine) as a lonely Light-Bearer who doesn't know she's a Light-Bearer. This book is an introduction to the Light-Bearers series so it covers Tabbruis and Charleen's meeting and the rise of the main threat against them.

As a reader, the synopsis drew me in and the cover art is awesome. I couldn't wait to read this.  Once I got inside, the story moves along well with Tabbruis. However, there are places that read way too quickly. I felt like I was reading an extended synopsis. One that particularly bothered me was Tabbruis' background. That could've been a book all its own. It felt rushed. But once we introduce Charleen, the story gets bogged down. Toward the end as Tabbruis and Charleen are getting to know each other, the pace is incredibly slow. Every action is being described almost in real time. A lot of it could have been cut out. This is a problem I find with the first book of a series. There is so much introduction that the author wants to do that they don't realize they're boring the reader.

Characters. There is nothing that really endears me to Tabbruis or Charleen. I think it's because I'm being "told" how I should feel about them rather than presenting me with the character and letting me decide.

This is a paranormal romance and it involves a lot of emotion. A lot of emotion.
I felt like I was reading a spoof of a romance novel. It took all the elements and exaggerated them to the point of being comical. If that was the author's intention, they succeeded. If not, I'd invest in a good amount of revision and editing.

Final thoughts: I wouldn't read it again. But it can be enjoyed. It's a good premise. I just couldn't get past the author's writing style.

Rating 2.7/5

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