Friday, March 1, 2013

Salt of the Earth Book Review

Salt of the Earth by Jesse V. Coffey is about Rip. Rip is dead. This is the story that happens between life and the afterlife.

Robert Isaac Porter dies in a shoot out after a botched robbery attempt. He ends up in the most haunted cemetery in New England where he meets his Guardian Angel who puts him to work in haunting the place. Everyone in the cemetery has a job whether it's raising a literal "stink", turning into a banshee or running around headless after the "tourists."

I enjoyed this book. It is a quick and easy read. Rip is good guy with many hidden talents that you couldn't tell from his speech which is full of "hip" slang. But most of the other entertaining characters have their own slang as well. You won't be confused about who is speaking. It is pretty diverse.

The plot moves along pretty quickly and was easy to follow. It was only when the characters started talking about karma, the "Far Meadow" and death insurance that I started to get a little confused. But the points are minor and don't take away from the gentle humor of the book.

This is really a character-driven novel and we get a look into the emotional and psychological aspects of the soul. Some of it was abstract so it's open to interpretation about what really happens when a person dies. But from this book, it sounds like they have a good time scaring the "solids."

I recommend this book for a good, quick read with light humor and maybe a little inspiration.

Rating 4/5

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