Sunday, March 17, 2013

John Barlow Interview

1. What is Islanders about?
In the wake of environmental and social collapse, a group of kids go in
search of the truth about what happened to their world.

2. Which character from Islanders are you most like and why?
Coby. He's the best friend of the leader of the group (Ben Brewer). Coby is
a bit of a coward, but he provides back-up for the more courageous members
of the group. I think novelists are like that; we're not typically heroic or
dashing, we're always there in the background, looking on.

3. How many books (of your own writing) do you hope to have published in
your life time?
I've had six published so far. The plan is 2 more in the Islanders series
and a whopping 8 more in the LS9 crime series I'm writing. Wow, that would
be 16...

4. What is your favorite quote?
"By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has
a son who thinks he's wrong." Charles Wadsworth.

5. What inspires you the most?
Other writers inspire me, though, especially the great modern American
masters. I was re-reading Salinger's FRANNIE AND ZOOEY the other day. It
blew me away, the elegance of the prose, the assuredness of every sentence.

6. What is your favorite hotel to stay at when traveling?
I love faceless modern hotels, like Holiday Inns. I find the anonymity
relaxing. The ideal hotel for me is the Holiday Inn at Heathrow Airport; the
fact that you are staying there implies that you'll be taking a flight
somewhere exciting tomorrow...

7. Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi. But the only soda I really like is root beer. I wrote a novel about
the invention of a fictitious soft drink rather like Coke. During the
research I read about Moxie. I really want to try Moxie one day!

8. What made you want to write Islanders / What inspired Islanders?
The Harry Potter revolution made me think that the YA genre could be
exciting and fun to write. I had a go and liked it, so I just kept on with
the novel. It took me five years, though.

9. Do you have any pets?
No. We live in an apartment. I love dogs, but the thought of picking up warm
poop with a plastic bag every morning on the street makes me shudder.
Mornings are bad enough for me without that.

10. Thank you!! Is there anything else you'd like to say?
ISLANDERS is at 99cts for the next few weeks, so now might be a good time to
give it a go!

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