Sunday, August 25, 2013

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage (Annie Ogden, #3)
Annie is engaged to Salvatore, but when her ex, Michael, comes to Chicago to find her, things get a little wild. First, he attacks her on the street, then he creeps into her sisters apartment. After confronting her fiance, Michael takes Annie on a road trip back to Florida for a big army reunion party. Annie and Michael leave the party to go get dinner, and while they're gone someone is murdered. The murder is blamed on Michael, even though he wasn't even at the crime scene. Annie makes it her mission to get Michael out of jail and find the real killer, even if it costs her $10,000 for an attorney.
When Salvatore won't come down to help, Annie gets her friend, June, to help, but while finding information, her questionees end up dead. Going back to warn the person she first talked to, she runs into (literally) the murderers who drug her & take her to a place to die. Salvatore, worried about Annie's safety, comes  looking for them and with the help of the police, finds and rescues them. Now that Annie was endangered, Salvatore also makes it his mission to find the real killer. Nothing can stop him.
The murders in this book, though clearly centered around a drug ring, were very intertwined and complicated, which made for an interesting read. This book had a lot of detail, but not so much that it was boring (it was far from boring!), which was appreciated. Sometimes I was at a loss for guesses for who the killer would be, but most of the time I had a pretty good guess (which turned out right!), but I guess that's just the Nancy Drew in me. Having that assumption made me want to finish reading it even more to see if I was correct, and I didn't want to put the book down until I knew. I liked this book, and I think most people will too.
Just a warning, narrations flip back and forth between Annie & Salvatore. It's clear who's narrating, but sometimes that can bother people so it's good to let you know.


  1. Great review, Tasha. I 'm so glad you enjoyed Collateral Damage, were able to put your inner Nancy Drew to work, and that you were able to join us on this tour. Don’t forget to cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads and to enter the Rafflecopter and Random Commenter contests for yourself!

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