Friday, August 23, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review

I didn't really want to see this movie. I'm not a Superman kinda girl. If I was, I prefer Christopher Reeves. The last Superman movie was awful (Superman Returns). However, I did enjoy many elements in this CURRENT installment of the Superman franchise. I liked the more science-fiction element of the movie.

It begins on Krypton (sp?) and gives the audience a better understanding of Superman's origins. It actually made sense and didn't rely so much on "comic book" logic. It actually sounded plausible.  I'm not a comic book reader, but the stories behind some of these characters are so out there, I'm like "Yeah, right." Don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed most of the movies so far that have come from comics, so no hate comments PLEASE!  I watched the cartoons as a kid. I loved X-Men and Spiderman cartoons. Although I did have to adjust to the way the characters were portrayed on the big screen. I never heard much about Iron Man, but the movies are now part of my favorites...Go RDJ!

But I'm getting off the subject. I was impressed with Superman's back story. I liked the fact that he had a spiritual background that was brought prominently to the front. The hero is just an average person like anyone else who is searching for his identity. When he finds it, he has to make a choice.

Henry Cavill does a pretty good job. But he was just big for no earthly reason! Well, they saved money on not having to pad the costume. I think anyone could've played Lois Lane the way Amy Adams portrayed her. And why was Laurence Fishburne in this movie at all? Did he need gas money for his jet or something? Kevin Costner was Kevin Costner, doesn't matter which movie. Loved Christopher Meloni! Ok I just like him because I liked his character on Law & Order so he can do no wrong. Russell Crowe was creepy as always. And the antagonist played by Michael Shannon was convincing, very convincing! His haircut probably added to the (whisper this now:) "I think he's insane" factor.

I didn't give it 5 stars because some of the fight scenes were boring. How? They kept repeating the same sequences: someone's thrown into a building completely destroying it and they get up unharmed. Someone ELSE is thrown into a building completely destroying it and they get up unharmed. No variety. Nothing to make me say, "Did you see that?!" But I do recommend this movie even if you don't want to see it. It has a plot!

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