Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pretty Face

Hayley lives in Santa Monica, California. You know, the city near Hollywood? With all the supermodels and actresses and insanely fit and handsome people? It's no wonder she's so insecure, and her mother certainly isn't helping by buying her a talking scale. Life seems to get even more upsetting when her crush likes her best friend. In an attempt to help, her parents send her to Italy for the summer where she discovers she's more than just a pretty face. With the help of her loving host family and a local boy, Hayley can finally accept herself as she is.
I feel like this is a great book to relate to, which makes it tons easier to read. I also like the descriptiveness and use of the Italian language because it really transports the reader to another country. Learning about Italy, accepting oneself, and how not-so-good Americanized culture is, is made fun in this book. I'd recommend this book to high school females.

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