Saturday, August 17, 2013

Print Copy of Souls Set Free Giveaway

Kimmie Easley has generously donated an ecopy and print copy of her book, Souls Set Free. This is the giveaway for the print copy.
Souls Set Free

What to Win:
Print Copy of Souls Set Free

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Follow PrincessReviews
Submit a review of the book once read

How to Enter:
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When to Enter:
August 17-25,2013

Book Description:
Emma Carter isn’t your average loving mother and wife. Actually, she’s not loving at all. Unable to move on from a tormented childhood of abuse she’s now at risk of losing her own family. Hopeless, she goes to bed every night secretly longing to not wake up the next morning. That all changes the day her mother is murdered while living on the streets. Emma must now face all of the pain she has spent years trying to numb with pills and alcohol when she is forced to travel back to her hometown to identify her mother’s body. 
If only it were that easy…
Will reliving the abuse all over again help Emma forgive her mother or send her spiraling back into a world she fought so hard to survive?


  1. Sounds like an interesting mother character and I would love to read this book and see how she lives her life! Many thanks, Cindi

    1. Thanks for entering! We'll let you know around the 26th if you've won!