Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dragon's Pupils: The Sword Guest

The Sword Guest

Martin Chu Shui

Dragon's Pupils


About the Author: (Goodreads)
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Summary: (Goodreads)
The story centers on Liz, born of half Australian and of half Chinese descent. Growing up in Australia, she isnt very interested in her fathers ancient Chinese stories. She is concerned with problems that are far more contemporary such as environmental issues, and particularly her friends handsome brother who is an environmental activist. But her disinterest in Chinese culture changes when her two worlds collide, after a catastrophic accident sets thousands of ancient monsters loose near her home. Suddenly Liz must learn many new skills and call on all of her Chinese heritage if she is to prevent the monsters from destroying Earth. Helped by her twin brother and best friend, Liz sets out to discover why the monsters exist and how to stop them. When she is injured in a battle, she must travel to China to seek a cure that is spiritual as much as it is physical. But can she find the old man who can help her before the monsters catch her? How will she manage in a country that is so strange and yet so familiar? And can she learn enough about a world she has ignored to stop the monsters in time?

I'd Recommend to...
Teens interested in Chinese culture

My Rating:

My Thoughts:
Liz and her twin, Henry, and their friend, Sue, are going to save the world. But it might take a while.
Sue's older brother, Fred, is Liz's dream guy. He's big into saving the environment and stuff. Liz and her friends go to a protest about blowing up the local mine with Fred and the rest of the EPP. But unfortunately, the mine gets blown up, releasing tons of monsters that have been stored below the mine in magical jail cells. Vampires and aliens are also alive in this part of Western Australia, as Liz and the gang soon find out while picnicking for Liz and Henry's 14th birthday. Their grand master, Li Ping, one of the Jian Ke Trinity, saves them but gets wounded. She then teaches them all they must know to survive and save the world in a three-year dream that truly only lasted one night. But when Liz herself gets injured, and Sue and Henry need to make some major decisions, will they come out the victor? Or will they die trying? You should totally read this if you wanna know.
This was a pretty good book. I read it in about 3 days, give or take. But I wasn't like reading non-stop lol. It was actually quite interesting and held my interest.
Liz had to leave to go to China for a part of it, and all we heard during that time was about what was happening to Liz, not Henry or Sue, even though it was written in 3rd person omniscient, not 1st person. I would have liked to be updated on what was going on back in Australia while Liz was in China. There were a few other places I think there could have been a bit more expansions, but overall it was a good ebook.

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