Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lately, and My Dreams: Book Review

Lately, and My Dreams by Jessica L. Lyons

Aundri can't stop dreaming. She closes her eyes and can barely tell the difference between her nightmares and her real life. Her dreams are interferring with her waking life, and the issues in her waking life seem to be the main source of all the strange dreams. Can Aundri take control of her problems,or will the line between her real life and her dreams become permanently unrecognizable?

Lately, and My Dreams is about Aundri Martin who cannot seem to keep her dreams and real life straight. In the beginning of her story, Aundri is caught in a horrible dream that involves taco day at the cafeteria and an angry stomach. But I won't spoil it. As we go through a typical week in Aundri's life, we see that she takes a back seat in all of her relationships--from her husband to her best friend to her mother to her co-workers.  Instead of speaking up for herself, Aundri doesn't want to rock the boat. Although she doesn't say anything aloud, her internal dialog is hilarious. Written in the first-person present tense, the reader experiences everything at the same time as the main character. It's entertaining to try and figure out what's real and what's a dream and what crazy thing Aundri might think next. Although there are a lot of dream sequences, it is not hard to follow.

It is a very funny book with a sense of humor that comes from Aundri thinking and sometimes saying a lot of things we wish we could say in real life. I especially loved Aundri's relationship with her sister. And those crazy dreams reminded me of some of my own. It is a quick read that I definitely recommend for some good laughs and maybe discovering what your dreams mean. But be advised, there are some racy parts in there.


Adult audience

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  1. i just downloaded this book for free on Amazon Kindle and so far I love it! Easy read and quite entertaining

  2. Exactly. A quick, funny read. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a print copy through June 6, 2012.