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Indiana Summers In Cynthia's Attic - Guest Post

Guest post brought to you by Mary Cunningham :) 

Did you know that the Southern Indiana setting for Cynthia's Attic, Corydon, was also the first state capitol? This is just one of many cleverly disguised, historical facts scattered throughout all five series books.
My real best friend, Cynthia and I grew up in the middle of history - Indiana history. After Indiana obtained statehood, Corydon served as the first state capital for eleven years. During those years, our little town was the center of state politics, and residents included Jonathan Jennings, the first Governor of Indiana, and Dennis Pennington, first Speaker of the Senate.
Dennis Pennington and others from Harrison County attempted to delay moving the capital to Indianapolis (where it is today), and they did succeed for a few more years, but ultimately, as the population center of the state shifted northward, it was no longer convenient to have a state capital at the southern extremity of the state. So the capital was finally moved January 10, 1825.
The state's first constitution was drawn up in Corydon during June of 1816. The forty-three delegates representing Indiana counties where charged with writing the state's constitution and met inside the Harrison County Courthouse. Because of cramped conditions inside the courthouse and the summer heat, the delegates sought refuge a couple of blocks away under a giant elm tree next to Big Indian Creek. More than 100 years later, the tree got Dutch Elm disease and died.
In one historical moment in Cynthia's Attic: The Missing Locket, main characters, Cynthia and Gus, traveled back in time to 1914 when the tree was still alive! Gus wanted, like crazy, to climb the huge tree, but Cynthia was afraid and wanted to get back to the business of finding out what happened to Aunt Belle's missing locket. Although disappointed, Gus swore she'd go back one day and climb that tree!

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Bio: Like Cynthia and Gus, my childhood best friend, Cynthia and I grew up in a small, Southern Indiana town…the setting for the series. Not one summer day passed that we weren’t playing softball, hide and seek, badminton, or croquet with friends in the vacant lot behind Becky’s house.
In my attempt to grow up, I joined The Georgia Reading Association, and the Carrollton Creative Writers Club. When giving my fingers a day away from the keyboard, I enjoy golf, swimming and exploring the mountains of West Georgia where I live with my husband and adopted furry, four-legged daughter, Lucy. Together we’ve raised three creative children and are thrilled with our 2 granddaughters.
At last count, I’ve moved 9 times to six different states (all after the age of 36), and aside from the packing and unpacking, it’s been a great experience, having made some very dear and lasting friendships. My non-writing time is spent showing power point presentations on gathering ideas and the writing process to schools and libraries.
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