Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st Annual BlogGiving!

Happy BlogGiving!

What is BG you ask?
Well, since I messed up with the dates for Blogfest this year, it is when I have a bunch of blog's and you guys get to visit them! Some might have giveaways and contests up, but it is not reccomended of them, and do not blame me or them for not having them.

How long does BG last?
BlogGiving lasts for the entire month of November!
We will be doing this each year, but this is the only year where I already have a list of blogs and you cannot add your own. At the end of the list of blogs, I will tell you what it will be like next year.

How do we get our blogs to participate?
Well, this year, the list for blogs is already closed, but you can help in the spirit of it by posting about it, and including the list of blogs in your blog or website.

Here's the 2010 BlogGiving list!:

and here are some more blogs that need to be added: (ignore the numbers)
171 Marilyn's Romance Reviews

172 Romance Author Buzz

173 The punching bag fights back

174 Girls Just Reading

175 Bookish Delights

176 Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing

177 Wendi Zwaduk: Romance To Make Your Heart Race

178 Eating YA Books

179 Reading, Reading & Life

180 Simply Stacie

181 Just Another New Blog

182 Book Obsessed

183 Books and Needlepoint

184 Brizmus Blogs Books

185 IB Book Blogging

186 Simplify with Sybil

187 PrincessReviews

188 Bookvisions

189 Graced With Books

190 Notorious Spinks Talks

191 bookmarked

192 Roof Beam Reader

193 Curling Up By The Fire

194 The Romance Reviews

196 Reflections with Coffee

197 Odyssey Books

198 A Reader's Adventure

199 Reading Without Restraint

200 One Book Shy of a Full Shelf

201 MoonCat Farms Meanderings

202 Girls After Dark

203 JaMonkey

204 She Reads

205 Fiction Flurry

206 Inspiring Sisters

207 Travel The Ages

208 Lille Punkin' Reviews

209 Novels On The Run

210 Alice Audrey

211 Cuzinlogic

212 Cleverly Inked

213 Not So Ordinary Girls

214 The Bibliophilic Book Blog

215 My Disorganized Ramblings

216 Darkly Reading

217 Peaceful Reader

218 Inspired by Fiction

219 Coffeelicious Bookaholic

220 BK Walker Books Etc

221 Walker's Muse

222 Immortality and Beyond

223 An Avid Reader's Musings

224 Rants n' Rascals

225 {...is a book whore}

226 The Home of the Seven Tails

227 Mia Ma Miah's Diaries

228 Crazy-for-Books

229 Book-lover Carol's Reviews

230 A Bibliophile's Paradise

231 Desperado Penguin

232 Sapphire Romance Realm

233 The Neverending Shelf

234 Chew & Digest Books

235 That's Swell!

236 Madame Perry's Salon

237 Allison's Attic of Books

238 Biz Mommy

239 Once Upon A Chapter

240 Reading, Writing and Waiting

241 Talking with Tundra

242 Talking with Tundra

243 Harris Channing, Author of Erotic Fiction

244 Book Bookie

245 Review Blog 101

246 Read All Over Reviews

248 Krista D Ball's Blog (Zombie-Free)

249 DK's Everything Romance Books

250 a thousand Books with Quotes

251 Cherry Mischievous
252 Roof Beam Reader
253 Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist
254 Dollycas's Thoughts
255 A Little Bookish
256 Jordan Deen
257 Narratively Speaking
258 Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews

What Will BlogGiving be like Next Year?
Next year, you will get to sign up for BlogGiving yourself. All blogs and websites participating will be required to have at least 1 giveaway up for the entire month of November. There will be no minimum or maximum value to what you giveaway and the list of the other sites must be on your giveaway post so that people may countinue along the blog hop, hopping from one blog to the next. We will also have a button that we hope you will put on your site, though that will not be required.

How will I be able to sign up for it for next year?
You may be able to sign up more ways too, but for now:
There are 3 ways:
Sign up while it is going on by adding your website or blog to the linky list on the offical post in November 2011.
Sign up in September 2011 to the post where we explain it for that year and have a linky link up so you can start getting ready.
Sign up now by reserving your spot by filling out this form:

So, get to hoppin now! And start getting ready for next year's because 2011's BlogGiving will be bigger and better than this years!

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