Friday, November 19, 2010

What is Weekend Brain Parties?

What is Weekend Brain Parties?
Weekend Brain Parties is a new thing that I have come up with to again involve the blogging community. All blogs can participate, and they can either have thier own question for followers to answer, or use mine. Weekend Brain Parties lasts from Friday to Monday, and each weekend a new linkly will be created that you will have to put your blog link in if you are participating.

How do I participate?
Just fill out the form I provide and a winner will be picked the next week and announced when the next Weekend Brain Party gets put up.
If you are a blog/website that would like to participate, each week add your link to the linky so people can start visiting your site!

Do I need to participate each week?
Nope! Do it as many times as you want, or as few as you want. That is why for blogs we have a different linky each weekend.

How do I start?
Look for the Weekend Brain Parties post in my list of posts.

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