Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Is The Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop? And SPONSERS NEEDED!

We are currently looking for sponsers for the Holiday Giveaway Hop!

What is the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop?
"Simply Stacie, Little Yayas, My Wee View, Review Retreat and Stockpiling Moms are very excited to announce a very special giveaway event that is coming this December called the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop. This is not your regular giveaway hop. Its a themed giveaway hop modeled after our very successful Follower Giveaway Tours. The prizes will all be cash and gift cards! And guess what? WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US!"

How Does It Work?
"Each blog will host their own giveaway, but will be linked up through the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop linky. Entrants just need to “hop” from blog to blog via the linky entering all the giveaways.
The theme of this hop is holiday gifts that are easy and quick to ship. The prize must be either cash (ie. paid via Paypal) and/or gift cards. They can be of any amount from any store! You can have one or both and its up to you what the prize is as long as it fits into either of those categories.
Giveaways must be easy to enter. The main entry must be something that is quick and easy to do. For instance, you can have the entry be “Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect” or “Follow me on Twitter”. Choose your entry method based on what areas of your blog you want to build up your following.
The hop will start on December 1 at 12:01 am EST and end on December 5 at 11:59 pm EST.
Sound interesting? Fill out the form below if you think this is something you would like to join. We will add you to our mailing list and send you more details as the date gets closer. We anticipate this to be a high traffic event that will be heavily promoted so it will be awesome opportunity for you to get your blog name out there!
Start planning now! Think about what you want your prize to be. Do you want to do a cash giveaway? Or a gift card giveaway that you either purchase yourself or find companies to offer gift cards to their stores. It’s totally up to you and there is no minimum prize value!
We are so excited for this event and hope you join and help us make it a huge success!"

If it is in italics, then it came directly from here. To sign your blog up, click here.

What do I need from Sponsers?
All I need is 1 or more giftcards.

What will I give you in return?
It depends on what package you want. Packages depend on the amount the giftcard or total amount of giftcards you are willing to donate is worth. Scroll down for the package information.

When is the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop?
December 1st-5th, 2010

What are the packages?
Gold Package- Sponsor donates a GC of $100 or more. Includes feature post (300 words), sidebar button for 1 month, Facebook post, Suggest page to Facebook Friends and an additional entry for following you on Facebook.

Silver Package- Sponsor donates a GC of $50 to $99. Includes sidebar button for 1 month, Facebook post, an addition entry for following you on Facebook.
Bronze Package- Sponsor donates a GC of $49 to $26. Includes sidebar button for 2 weeks, Facebook post, additional entry for following you on Facebook
Plastic Package- Sponsor donates a GC of $25 or less. Includes sidebar button for duration of Holiday Hop, Facebook post

How do you let me know you want to/can sponser me?
Email me or fill out the form below:

Thank you! Be sure to be here on December 1-5, 2010 for the actual Hop!

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