Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach Party Girls

Beach Party Girls

Vanessa Rose Lee

Summary: (Amazon)
Welcome to Miami. The city lights up at night and parties are endless. Meet the Beach Party Girls. Kim Bailey and Stephanie Cole enjoy living a fast-paced, glamorous lifestyle.
One day, an event changes their lives. What will they do to get by? Join the fun-loving Beach Party Girls and their adventures! 

My Rating:

I'd Recommend to...
Middle School-ers

My Thoughts:
Beach Party Girls by Vanessa Rose Lee is definitely a book for younger audiences. Not little children, but not teenagers either. I would say that Beach Party Girls is a book for a 6th-7th grade audience. 
Beach Party Girls is about Kim and Stephanie being these rich girls that just want to have fun. They don't have a job because they don't need one. They only went to college to meet boys, and are still single. But one day, Stephanie's daddy gets sued and loses money. The girls get real jobs. They make new friends and go to a speed-dating night where they meet Mark and David. To find out what else happens, read Beach Party Girls. 
I thought this book wasn't really written that well. I could write about as good as Vanessa wrote in this book when I was about 12. But I figure that that is the general age group for the wanted audience which would make the book relateable to the reader and so for a child that young, this could very well be a wonderful book. Unfortunately, if you are older and used to reading more advanced books, it is hard to go back in time and read this book and say "oh, that's a good book". I suggest only reading this book if you are in or about to go into middle school. 

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  1. There was one line that really stuck out to me and left a great impression on me. It was talking about life and it said "to roll with the punches. Take it day-by-day and hope for the best". This is a lesson that I really need to learn. It goes along with the saying "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and but now is a gift and that's why its called the present" and "YOLO" (You Only Live Once). I think we all need to heed well this message and truly live each day like we were dying. Cause you never know when your time is going to come. So don't let the little things in life bother you, just accept them and move forward with your life.