Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Land of the Gems

The Land of the Gems

Vanessa Rose Lee

Summary: (Amazon)
Kate Stanford hopes for a fun summer. Little does she know, but she is in for an adventure of a lifetime!
One day, Kate and her roommates open a chest and are taken to the Land of the Gems. Kate and her friends soon start to realize that the kingdom needs their help. Join Kate and her friends on their journey to the Land of the Gems!

I'd Recommend to..
Middle Schoolers and people who have a hard time believing in themselves

My Rating:

This book is all about believing in yourself and what you can do. That's definitely what I like about Vanessa Rose Lee's books - all of her books contain a message that should be taken to heart. 
In The Land of the Gems, Kate is going to summer camp for a month and a half. There she meets Meg and Amy, along with Nick, whom she already knew. Meg, Amy, and Kate go for a hike one day and Kate passes out where she has a dream about The Land of Gems. She must help save the land of gems by getting the royal purple gem back from Batmorva. Along the way she must get Poseidonya, Lord Ice, and Lady Ice to cooperate with her so she can defeat Batmorva and save the Land of Gems. She learns she must believe in herself and once she believes in herself she is capable of anything. 
This book was a nice read and I truly did enjoy it. I'd totally recommend for middle schoolers to read The Land of Gems! :)

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