Monday, March 12, 2012

Liz Botts Interview!

1.      I had the chance to inteview Liz Botts and here it is! 
PrincessReviews, Liz Botts

What inspires you to write?
I write because I hear a lyric from a song and it sparks an idea. Or suddenly a character jumps into my head and I have to work out the story. I find inspiration in the strangest places. Honestly, a lot of my inspiration comes from the world around me. I’ll read an article in the newspaper, and think of the perfect place to fit it into a story. I’ve even gotten inspiration from dreams.
2.      Who are your role models?
I really admire strong mothers. Women who would do anything for their children.
3.      What is In The Spotlight about?
Basically, In the Spotlight is a feel good story about discovering your place in the world, and falling in love in the process.
Here’s the synopsis:
When sixteen year old Hannah Brewster lands the lead in the school musical she hopes it will be the perfect chance to get the attention of her family and her long time crush, Kyle. The only problem is that school super star, Josh Larson, has been cast opposite her, and he seems to like her as more than just a cast mate.
As Hannah and Josh grow closer, things between Hannah and Kyle get complicated. When Hannah realizes that Kyle is not who she thought he was, she also realizes that she just might like Josh as more than just a friend.
Will Hannah and Josh be able to overcome their obstacles and admit their feelings before the musical ends?
4.      Do you go on vacation a lot?
My husband, kids and I have been a lot of places. When we have time (and money) we love to travel, even if it’s just close to home.
5.      What is your favorite place to travel to?
My favorite place to go is the Black Hills of South Dakota.
6.      Where would you love to go for vacation?
I’d love to take an extensive road trip to see the states I haven’t seen.
7.      What is your favorite food?
I love Indian food, curry, goat cheese, and strawberries.
8.      Can you speak any other languages besides English? What are they?
I can sort of speak French. I took French in high school and college, and I’ve been to Paris. Going to France actually improved my speaking ability quite a bit, but I’m awfully rusty now.
9.      What is your favorite movie?
This tends to change a lot. Some of the movies on my static favorites list include: Annie, Guys and Dolls, Bride and Prejudice, Thunderheart, and Ten Things I Hate About You.
10.  Which character, from any book, are you most like and why?
Wow, that’s a tough question. I’ve read so many books, I’m not sure I can pick someone. I can tell you, however, that growing up I desperately wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. I had dreams of living the pioneer life.


  1. What an awesome interview! I alao wanted to by like Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was growing up! Half pint. :) My co-author, Stephanie, raves about the Black Hills and the beauty in South Dakota. I guess I will have to take a trip there since Liz mentioned it too! In the Spotlight sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing!


    1. You must plan a trip there one day. The Black Hills are amazing@

  2. No problem! Thanks for liking it! Don't forget to tell your friends about PrincessReviews and check back often!