Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood

Getting Revenge On Lauren Wood
by Eileen Cook

Summary (from Goodreads)
Popularity is the best revenge.
In the final weeks of eighth grade, Lauren Wood made a choice. She betrayed her best friend, Helen, in a manner so publicly humiliating that Helen had to move to a new town just to save face. Ditching Helen was worth it, though, because Lauren started high school as one of the It Girls--and now, at the start of her senior year, she's the cheerleading captain, the quarterback's girlfriend, and the undisputed queen bee. Lauren has everything she's ever wanted, and she has forgotten all about her ex-best friend.
But Helen could never forget Lauren. After three years of obsessing, she's moving back to her old town. She has a new name and a new look, but she hasn’t dropped her old grudges. She has a detailed plan to bring down her former BFF by taking away everything that's ever been important to Lauren—starting with her boyfriend.
Watch out, Lauren Wood. Things are about to get bitchy.
My Rating: 5/5

My Review 
For some really good reasons, this book became one of my favourite books ever. If you loved the movie "Mean Girls" then this is for you. It has some funny moments and the story line just went great. Just like a good Meg Cabot book, the characters, their conversations and thoughts are pretty realistic... and funny (I just had to point that out).