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Midnight Hunter

Midnight Hunter

Bonnie Bernard

Midnight Hunter Trilogy

About the Author: (book)
Bonnie Bernard is an alter ego of a feisty redhead who lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, a dog, and two cats - one of which owns everybody and everything in the house. They share their old home with a ghost who likes to flip switches and throw power tools until he gets what he wants (bright, shiny objects to play with).
Bonnie spends her time writing, hiking, and having fun with her friends. She enjoys planting obscure specimens in the backyard garden to see what pops up, and she's fascinated by unseen forces and creepy-crawly things.
Midnight Hunter is her first full-length fiction work.
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Summary: (Amazon)
Donna McCormick is a smart, pretty college student whose twenty-first birthday is a week away. Unfortunately, so is her murder - unless the mysterious man from the darkness can reach her first.
Donna is pursued in her dreams by a man who claims to be her Eternal Partner. During her waking hours, she’s cornered by another who claims to be the same. There’s only one problem: neither is entirely honest. 
Or, for that matter, entirely human.
Eight years earlier, Donna’s life was dealt a terrible blow with the untimely death of a little brother who was left in her care. Ever since, Donna has yearned to get a normal life back – and despite her best friend Mo’s efforts to the contrary, Donna has almost managed it…at least until the Underworld cracks wide open, scattering chaos and spilling out every shifty force under the moon. Most of them want Donna dead, but some will stop at nothing to keep her alive. 
Too bad she doesn’t know which is which. 
With death following Donna like a shadow, she turns to her best friend for help. But instead of help, Mo offers only more mystery. And she knows more about the Underworld than she's willing to admit.
Now, Donna must choose: Cling to the mortal world where she feels safe, or embrace the Underworld where her dreams – and nightmares – come true.
One thing’s for sure - doing either one might get her killed in both.

I'd Recommend to...
High Schoolers, College Students looking for a fun read

My Rating:

My Thoughts:
Donna McCormick, the daughter of two attorneys, is really a reincarnate of herself for centuries and the Eternal Partner to a vampire named Hunter. His brother, Stephen, is a bad guy who haunts Donna's dreams causing nightmares that inflict real pain. It's Donna's 21st birthday and she's spending it by trying not to die - again. The next time she dies, there will be no coming back again; her soul has been harmed too much. Her vampire lover and her pregnant  best friend are both extremely overprotective for her own good, but thanks to them, she doesn't die again and is saved 3 times.
This book was a fun read. The vampire part was intriguing and there is something about the paranormal that appeals to me. I did think that it had a bit to much (or a lot too much) "R-rated scenes", but maybe I'm just not mature enough for those parts. The best friend connection between Mo and Donna was extremely relateable to me and my best friend, Kaitlin, except neither of us are pregnant and don't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon for like years and years and years and years and like ever. 'Cause that's gross.
But anyways, I think that everyone can relate to something in this book even though it is a book about vampires and such, because Donna is human and has human experiences, like her parents separating, her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, her ex-roommate stabbing her in the back, not being able to afford her college apartment and moving back in with her parents, wrecking her car, and of course, having a best friend that would do anything and everything for you. That's what makes the book as good as it is. The vampires and the romance pull you in, but the icky parts want you to turn away, but its the things that everyday people can relate to while reading it that makes you stay and finish the book.

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