Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baker's Pride Bakery Review

Savannah's Family Bakery: Baker's Pride

Savannah Bakery did an awesome job on my mom's birthday cake. My sister coordinated over the phone and online with the baker. She has a wonderful slideshow of all her many cake decorations on her website. We ordered a two-tier blue and white cake with seashells, starfish and other sea-themed animals. It was beautiful. The top tier was chocolate and the bottom yellow cake. The icing was a bit thick, but overall it was a good cake. She accommodated our requests and made sure our cake was ready on time and delivered to our destination which was a riverboat cruise. It did seem a little pricey, but we were pleased with the results. I would recommend this bakery.
Rating: 4/5
Location: 840 E DeRenne Avenue, Savannah, GA 31405-6717
Phone: 912-355-1155

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