Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Bourne Legacy Movie Review

The Bourne Legacy
Starring: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton
Movie Rated: PG-13, Action,  Adventure
My Rating: 3.7 / 5 

The Bourne Legacy is an action movie starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross and Rachel Weisz as Dr. Marta Shearing. Cross is part of Treadstone, the same program as Jason Bourne. But the participants never know each other and Jason Bourne only makes an appearance as a picture on a newscast. Dr. Shearing is a scientist in the program. A lot of the storyline was confusing to me. But it appears that it is running parallel to the Bourne Ultimatum. 
In this movie there was a lot of technical scientific stuff about the chemicals the Treadstone participants are taking to essentially make super soldiers. But I got the jist of it. The action was decent, but there was a lot of talking parts in between that sometimes interrupted the flow. Plus much of the good action scenes were shown on the trailer. I was only surprised by one part that I wished I could rewind and watch again.
The setting was all over the place. Maryland, Korea, Alaska, Manila, etc. There was a scene in Chicago that I thought could've been implied instead. I just thought there were too many on-location scenes. The switching back and forth between them did not flow as  seamlessly as it could have. 
The plot was decent and straightforward. Cross is seen as a regular guy who was recruited for Treadstone who actually values the skills he's gained. Dr. Shearing is the typical I-didn't-realize damsel in distress, but as it the movie progresses she does show some guts. She is forced to face her participation in the program and what she was really involved in. She kept saying she was there for the science only. 
My husband and I discussed the moral ramifications of projects like these existing outside of fiction. I think that is why  I liked the storyline in Legacy more than the other Bourne movies. I did like the others but we (the audience and Jason) were kept in the dark for 3 movies about the workings of Treadstone. If the writers put the story depth of Legacy with the action of the other Bourne movies, I think they'd have a winner. Renner did a decent job. Weisz was ok, not a real challenging role for her. Did not care for Edward Norton in Legacy or anything for that matter. Decent use of my time and money. 


  1. Thank you for the personalized review, which did not go straight for the absence of Matt Damon for, which we are all aware. I have yet to see the movie due to my business travel for Dish, but the idea of seeing Jeremy Renner playing a black ops agent is intriguing. He is an intense actor and I know he can handle the role. I want to mention, however that I enjoyed every Bourne film that Matt Damon was in, but the idea of taking the plot to a new level means more movies to enjoy. As for the newest installment, I am looking forward to seeing “The Bourne Legacy” when it’s available on Dish Online. Having internet on my laptop when I travel, makes it easy to enjoy the movies I miss in the theaters but still have some great entertainment to pacify my free time. This is a movie I seriously don’t want to miss.

    1. Thanks for visiting PrincessReviews! and I hope you enjoy the movie.