Saturday, September 1, 2012

Time for Another Update!

Okay, so first off, I just want to update you all about my postings. Lately, most postings have been from Cherese Vines (thank God for her!) and pretty much none have been from me, since I've become so busy.
But, I am going to try to create some posts on the weekends that are scheduled to go up during the week, so that there will constantly be new posts for all of you lovely followers.
Now let me just give you a brief little blurb about what's going on right now - why I've been mega busy and haven't had time to post as much as I'd like to.

Some of my cheer sisters this season
Well, the first thing is, school has started. I get up around 5:30 to get on the bus at 6:30. Then I go to school and do tons of work in classes. After school, I try to do as much homework as I can before cheerleading, which goes from 4-6pm. I don't get home until around 6:15-30, then I must eat. After eating, I try to finish my homework. I have never, ever had as much homework as I have now. I'm used to just finishing it in class, or not having homework at all. Now, each night, I have reading and questions for English, reading and notes for History, a worksheet for Calculus, and bookwork for Physics. I usually don't even get through all of my homework until 10:30 or later. Then I need to take a shower and get ready for school and practice the next day. Then I go to sleep. I don't even get the computer or watch tv usually. That's how much homework I have to do. It's crazy.
So yeah. Now you understand my lack of postings, which I'm sure not many of you have noticed thanks to Cherese! :)

Anyways, I'll try to post some more, but no guarantees. Thank you all, my lovelies :)

Happy Reading and Keep Blogging!
~Tasha Nicole


  1. School always first. We understand. I'll try to keep things rolling for you, Tasha Nicole. :-) I hope everyone out there doesn't mind. @Princess Reviews Followers: Leave me a message if you want to read about something specific. I've been getting some requests for reviews. So let me know.