Saturday, September 15, 2012

Savannah Riverboat Cruise Review

Location: 9 East River Street, Savannah, GA 31412
Phone: 800-786-6404

We booked the Savannah Riverboat Dinner Cruise as part of my mom's birthday celebration weekend. I ordered the tickets online with no problem. It includes many options: sightseeing cruises, lunch cruises, dinner cruises. They also have theme cruises like for Thanksgiving or Mystery Murder Cruises. They also offer discounts when you book the cruise with a Savannah tour.

I easily picked up the tickets from outside a store directly across waterfront street and the riverboat. The ladies were courteous. The boarding time was an hour before leaving shore. The line went quickly and they even took a picture of us (all 12 :-) in front of the riverboat for purchase later. We ended up having two separate reservations and they quickly accommodated us to sit together.

There were three levels. We were on the second level and the one above us was having a wedding. Apparently the captain could marry people. The third level had benches where you could sit outside. The life vest chests were clearly marked and accessible. Be aware that there is a gap at the bottom of the railing where small children could slip through and fall off the deck into the water.

The river is a shipping waterway, so there is a small amount of debris int he water and many large cargo ships that use it. But it did not smell.

Inside was well air conditioned, so bring a light sweater. The tables and chairs were nice but sturdy. The servers bring you water, tea or lemonade with the meal price. But they do have a bar for an additional charge which does include fruity drinks. They use glasses, linen napkins and plates inscribed with a picture of the riverboat. Dinner is served as a buffet, but was well organized by the servers. The food was excellent. Fresh and well seasoned.

We ordered a cake from the local bakery and was able to have it delivered to the boat before we arrived. We inadvertently left one of the two tiers on the boat thinking the crew had packed both in one box. But the tier we did get was on one of the riverboat plates so my mom got a cool souvenir.

The DJ was great. He was able to get everyone up and dancing in the space set aside as the dance floor.

The cruise goes relatively slow with a smooth ride, so there should not be an issue with sea sickness. But I get sick looking down in the car so I wore my sea bands. The view was nice. It's mostly trees, but the boat does go by the waterfront street and you can see the shops, restaurants and hotels as well.

This was my second cruise on the riverboat. I went for Thanksgiving about six years ago. I enjoyed it and would go again. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Savannah is a great place to vacation.

Rating 4/5

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