Friday, September 14, 2012

Homewood Suites in Savannah, GA Review

Homewood Suites Savannah Georgia Hotel

Location: 5820 White Bluff Road, Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: 912-353-8500

My sister planned this awesome birthday weekend in Savannah, ga for our mom's birthday over Labor Day. She booked Homewood Suites in Savannah because of the adjoining suites that included a living room area and kitchen. It is setup more like an apartment complex with several buildings, but only two entrances to the three-story buildings.

The rooms were clean and nicely furnished. It was a two-bedroom suite with two bathrooms. One side was a typical hotel room setup while the other side had the living room (with a working fireplace) and kitchen with separate bedroom and bathroom. The beds were really comfortable. We didn't use the pull out sofa. Everything was clean. We did have trouble maintaining the air conditioning. Each side had a separate thermostat. I had ours on 72, which at times got too cold at night. But when it was not running, it was warm enough to kick the covers off until the air came on again and then I was freezing. There was a fan in the room, but I get congested sleeping under a fan.

 I didn't care for the setup of the entrance to the building. To enter the building we had to use our key to open the outer door. Then you could step into the stairwell to go up one floor. But we were on the first floor so we had to open a second door to enter the hallway. The small space between the outer and inner door was awkward to hold open if you had bags and small children to get through like I did. If someone did hold the door for me, I had to brush past them almost touching. I didn't like that. I need my personal space. But once I got through the door, the hallway was wide enough, just not the doors. And the elevator was completely on the other side of the building down a long hallway. I guess making the entrance as the stairwell was to save space or something.

The grounds were well maintained and even though it was off a relatively busy road, we didn't hear any traffic. There was a pavilion with chairs and a grill. It had electricity so there was light and a fan. I don't know if they treated for mosquitoes, but we were not bothered too much even after dark. There was an outdoor pool with a hot tub. My children had fun. It was well lighted and open until 10 pm.

I only visited the lobby for breakfast. It was spacious and they utilized the conference rooms when it became too crowded. The complimentary breakfast included meat (ham or sausage). We received a card that let the servers know how many in our party were eating. But we could invite guests who were not staying there to eat for $10 per person. It had a decent selection. I don't know if it was $10 worthy. Maybe it was because of the meat offered.

We stayed two nights and had a good experience. I would recommend it for families and I would return.

Rating: 4/5

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