Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Haunted House of Riddles

The Haunted House of Riddles
The Haunted House of Riddles

Vanessa Rose Lee

Rosemarie Gillen

About the Author:
Vanessa Rose Lee enjoys writing for children and young adults. Vanessa wrote "The Haunted House of Riddles" as a Halloween tale. She hopes readers enjoy the story and the pictures!

About the Illustrator:
Rosemarie Gillen has been a professional illustrator of children's picture books since 2005. She has won several awards for her illustration work. She is a selftaught artist who is happiest when painting.

Summary: (Amazon)
The clock is ticking. It is Halloween. What is something fun for friends to do in the town of Riddles? Jake tells his friends about a fun haunted house-The Haunted House of Riddles! Come inside! Meet the fun people living here. But wait! They need your help! Join the friends to solve the riddles or rhymes. Riddles readers-you are in for "ghoul" or good times! This Halloween tale is written in English and Spanish (Inglés y Español).

I'd Recommend to...
Children and people trying to learn either Spanish or English
during Halloween season

My Rating:

My Thoughts:
Christina and her friends want something new and fun to do on Halloween. They go to a haunted house. There they meet a genie, a witch, a ballerina, and a cheerleader who need help finding things. They help them find them. Before leaving, they all get their picture taken.
This was a cute story and I liked how the witch was a nice witch and not a mean witch. It was also in both Spanish and English, and I loved that. It's not only a children's book, but a beginners book for people trying to learn either Spanish or English. It was a good book. And the pictures were extremely good for being done by someone who was self-taught. 

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