Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hottie Handbook

My great-aunt got me this Hottie Handbook for Christmas this past year. It is a black spiral notebook with flames on it. Inside, each page is filled with a questionnaire and rating chart. It even has a place for a photo. You fill out the "hottie"'s Name, Age, Birthday, Address, Phone #, Cell Phone #, E-Mail, Where you met, Best features, First date, first kiss, most memorable moment, and what makes him a hottie. On the rating chart, you rate him from 1-4 (1 being mild, 2 medium, 3 hot, and 4 very hot) in the categories of Hair, Eyes, Lips, Body, Fashion Style, Athletic, Personality, Car, Popularity, Intelligence, Sense of Humor, and Kissability. Then you add your ratings to calculate the total score. "0-25 = Hottie? Not! 26-25 = Better than nothing. 26-44 = Warm enough to toast my buns. 45+ = He's so hot, I'm on fire!"
I think that this is a good book for middle schoolers to judge peoples and be middle schoolers. Sort of like a boy diary. They should totally keep it in a safe spot so no one can find it and use any information provided against anyone. 

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