Thursday, April 19, 2012

Royally Fabulous Contest Information Post

Are you Royally Fabulous? Let us know!
Starting now, we will hold a contest 4 times a year. This contest will be the Royally Fabulous contest. There will be one for Spring, one for Summer, one for Fall, and one for Winter (based on the seasons in the United States of America). This contest will be for the Spring page. You will have from now until May 5th to enter.

What do you win?
You will receive your own page, not just a post, a whole PAGE, on PrincessReviews, dedicated to you. It will include your picture, some information about you, and your winning entry.

So how do you win?
Simply send an email to princessreviews (at) inbox (dot) com with a subject of Royally Fabulous. Include or attach a picture of yourself and any information you would want on your page. Also include or attach an essay explaining how you are Royally Fabulous.

What is considered Royally Fabulous?
There are many ways you can be royally fabulous! Have you done something worthwhile that took a lot of courage? Have you done some wonderful community service or environmental help? Maybe you were the first in your family to do something. Whatever you have done that you think is amazing, that should be something to write about in your Royally Fabulous essay.
Please do not make up anything, as there is most likely someone out there who has indeed gone through whatever it is your making up.

Any requirements?
Follow PrincessReviews!! There is no age requirement and you don't have to live in a certain country. Just follow and be fabulous! :)

If I don't win this season, can I enter again?
Of course you can! We hope to receive a lot of entries so don't be discouraged if you don't win, just enter again for the next season!

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me.


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