Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book List

Wow! I have TONS of books on my To-Read List. Please be patient if you sent me a book and see that it has not yet been reviewed. I promise I WILL get to each and every one, it just might take a bit before I get to yours.
Here is a list of the books I currently have that I have not read, in order of how I am going to read them.

  1. Between the Land and the Sea
  2. The Moon and the Tide
  3. Darwin's Children
  4. Darkhouse
  5. Darkfall
  6. Airel
  7. 7 Kinds of Ordinary Catastrophies
  8. A Spy at Home
  9. The Pirate Queen
  10. The Accidental Lover
  11. Bloodbonds
  12. Pirates and Politics
  13. Zan Gah A Prehistoric Adventure
  14. Zan Gah and the Beautiful Country
  15. Russian Roulette
  16. The Golden Compass
  17. Angel
  18. Daniel X
  19. Cat Calls
  20. Beautiful Creatures
  21. Stuck in the Middle
  22. Fools Rush In
  23. The Shapeshifters
  24. Invisible
  25. Dancing in the Moonlight
  26. Irresistable Forces
  27. What Katy Did
  28. Relentless
  29. White Fang
  30. A Curse Dark As Gold
  31. Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch
  32. Serial
  33. The New World
  34. Lifes a Beach
  35. Seduced by the Wolf
  36. Dating Mr. December
  37. Journey to the Well
  38. Catalyst
If you would like to send me any ARCs or copies of your book, I am still accepting, just realize it will be put at the bottom of this list. Don't worry - I read fast. Sometimes. haha.
I accept Kindle Versions, PDFs, and Hardcopies. Please email me at PrincessReviews@gmx.com if you have something you would like me to read.

Thank you!,
Princess Tasha

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