Sunday, July 3, 2011


What many people don't know about me, well.. I am a total wolf freak. I love the wild creature, and I love everything about them and their kind. Sometimes, I even wish I was a wolf sometimes. My parents call it an unhealthy obsession. I call it more or so life.
One thing that I have installed on my computer actually got me started on my wolfly love (Pun intended.. boy am I such a nerd). Last year, one of my best friends turned me onto this virtual wolf stimulation, what I like to call WolfQuest. WolfQuest is a digital world launched by the Minnesota Zoo and EduWeb were users can learn the ways of the wolves through "on-hands" experiance.  Not only can users get on the app and play single-player mode games about the wolf life, they can also role play or meet with other members of the site on the digital creation of Yellowstone National Park, where the program background is set. You can be part of a pack, or maybe a loner, or chose to play the enhancing single-player mode only, but either way, I recommend this program to anyone who would like to get interested into animals and their habitats and lives. It has good graphics for any computer, for example, my netbook. I even love the music that plays in the background. The single-player mode is m=more likely to teach you about the wolf than the role playing, but it is interesting getting to meet other people.
I  would recommend this to someone who would use this app, because once its on your computer, it doesn't come off, like most apps do. Its safe for kids, and fun to play on. It also takes a while to get a hang of with the different keys and directions. All in all, I give this program a four out of five stars, and not just because I love wolves. ;)

For now,
Princess Kate.

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