Tuesday, July 26, 2011

H2O Nite Club

H2O is an Under 21 Dance Club located in Ocean City, Maryland, USA. It has the honor of being the biggest dance club on the East Coast and is the only Under 21 club in Ocean City. It opens at 8:30 (but they start checking at about 8) for $10 or after 8:30 for $20. You must be between the ages of 15-20 to enter.
Each night they have a different celebration. Monday is Free T-Shirt and Highlighter night, Tuesday is TV Dance Show Filming & Billabong Bikini Fashion Show night, Wednesday is when MTV Celebrities come, Thursday and Sunday are Foam Parties, Friday is a Stoplight night, and Saturday is the largest East Coast dance party. Every Wednesday they have a celebrity from MTV.
Princess Kate and I went on Friday - Stoplight night. What this means is everyone gets a glowstick to represent thier relationship status. Green for single, yellow for talking to someone, and red for in a relationship. Me and Kate were both green.
Well, I have to say. It was definately not as I would have expected H2O to be, but I think that's partly because I made it seem so great in my mind, that I would have ended up being disappointed no matter what it was. It was cool though. The only major thing is that you definately should go in a group. Its just awkward if you don't go in a group.
There were cages that only the girls could go in, either just to have fun or to get away from guys, though the guys could still reach in. Security was pretty tight too. In the cages were poles so you could use them to dance haha. There was an upstairs for part of it that was like a balcony, and no one was dancing up there. Chairs were lined up on the walls, and there was a bar in the back, but since its an under 21 place, all drinks were nonalcoholic. This was in H2O (2), the second H2O building, but I assume the original H2O building is the same, but smaller. There was also a stage at the front, and the DJ was right below it.
Like I said, it was really cool and I had a good time, but I would reccommend going in a group. I also strongly suggest you have been to at least 1 high school dance, sunch as homecoming, before going, or the dancing the people do might scare you and you might never want to go again. ;)

Here are some pictures we took when we were there:

Posing for a picture on the pole

In the cages

Princess Tasha in H2O

Princess Kate at H2O
Check out H2O online!
www.h2oniteclub.com and http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=hp#!/H2ONiteClub?sk=info 

Call them at 410-289-7102 and visit them at 14 Worchester Street, Ocean City, MD 21842
Open Sun-Sat 8:30pm-12:45am

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